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A-2  Worksheets - Cases

Case Requirements:

Style:  __ Desktop __ Mini Tower __ Mid Tower __ Full Tower
Dimensions:       ____ Height    _____ Width   ______ Depth
Power Supply:  ___ 200 W ___ 250 W ___ 300 W _______ Other
5.25" Drive Bays #   ______  Internal     ______ # External
3.5" Drive Bays #    ______  Internal     ______ # External
Control Switches         ___ Reset ___ Turbo ___ Key lock
Display Indicators   ___ Numeric ___ Turbo LED ___ Power LED ___ HDD LED
# of Cooling Fans ___

Some helpful hints:

Keep in mind WHERE the computer will be going. If you already have a desk or work station, the measurements are very important. Make sure the case will fit where you want (or need) it to. Make sure there is adequate ventilation and the power cord will reach.
Try not to place a desktop computer on it's side if you can help it. Some cases can cause damage to internal components. Hard drives, in particular, last the longest and work the best if right side up. But they will work at 90 degrees, 180, 270 degrees without much problem or unreasonable wear. They can have problems if they are tilted in between any of those points, creating more wear & tear on the motor and heads... eventually becoming physically damaged.
Don't place the computer near an outside door or windows, if you can help it. This can cause two possible problems; 1) dust, diet, bugs, and/or 2) freezing, being too cold for some of the components.
Try to keep the system directly off a hard floor - like wood or concrete. Place something in between the bottom of the system and the floor to help insulate your system. Not only is the potential cold a problem, but vibration can also be a difficulty.
Keep a watch on the case, the fan in the power supply especially. If there is a dust build up it needs to be cleaned. In some homes and offices in may need to be done every couple years... other places, it might need to be done every couple weeks. Failure to blown off the dust CAN BURN UP THE CPU or power supply!
Get the largest case the makes sense. A Mid Tower or Full Tower case, which are my personal preference, are easy to work in, easy to clean, and very easy to upgrade to just about anything.

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