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A-6  Worksheets - Video Adapters and Monitors

Video Adapters:

Adapter Type ___ Mono ___ VGA ___ SVGA _____XGA  ________ Other
Bus Type  ___ ISA   ___ EISA    ___ VLB    ___ PCI    ___ AGP(1,2, or 4x)
Video RAM Installed ___ 2MB ___ 4MB ___8MB  ___16MB  ___32MB    ____ Other
Video RAM Maximum? Already Installed? _____Yes    ______No
________ Not Upgradeable?        ___________Upgradeable?
3D Accelerator?  _____Yes    ______No      Games Drivers?    _____Yes    ______No
TV Input?  _____Yes    ______No       S-Video In?  _____Yes    ______No


Display Type  ___ Mono  ___ RGB  ___ CGA  ___ EGA   ___ VGA  ___ SVGA   ___ XGA   ___ Other (Note: RGB, CGA, EGA, and VGA are considered discontinued types)

The information below is ONLY important for VGA and better:

Display Size   ___ 15"    ___ 17"    ___ 19"    _______________ Other
(bigger is better - and more expensive)
Resolution   ___ .25   ___ .26   ___ .28   ___ .39   ___ .41   ___ Other
(small is better)
Display Resolution      ___ 640x480   ___ 800x600   ___ 1024x768   ___ 1280x1024
                         ___ 1600x1280 _________________ Other
(larger is better)
Refresh Rates*        ___ 60Hz     ___ 72Hz     ___ 90Hz    ____________ Other
(small is better - and is different at different resolutions)
Display Type:          _____ Analog    _____ Digital   ____ LCD (flat panel)
Touch screen ability?  _____Yes    ______No  (this is usually NO)
Degausser (de-magnetizes the screen, VERY IMPORTANT)?  _____Yes    ______No  
* Monitors with a refresh rate greater than 60 Hz are generally considered to be Non-Interlaced. Check the monitor's technical manual for more information.

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