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Most people buy a computer first, then consider what and how they are going to use it. That is wrong - exactly 180 degrees backwards. The most efficient way to purchase a system is to determine what you are going to use it for, THEN configure it to do what you need, and have the future expandability you with both want and need. 

Component Worksheets

A-1. Software Requirements
A-2. Cases
A-3. Mother-Boards, RAM, and CPU's
A-4. Disk Controllers and I/O Ports
A-5. Hard and Floppy Disk Drives
A-6. Video Adapters and Monitors
A-7. Input Devices

Sure, most home users can easily get away with buying a system and then figuring out what software they can use (based on what comes with the system, what software they can afford to purchase, or the software they can get from a friend, co-worker, etc.). No, we do not condone illegal copying of software, but it is an inevitable fact of life (much the same as video tapes and music cassettes). 

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