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Common Misconceptions:

by Terry E. Mercer (c) 1997, 1999,2000

Important Topics & Information   Computer & Hardware Specific

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Cellular Telephones - AT&T Wireless' America Choice Plan... FACTS they won't tell you! A MUST READ if you travel!
All computers are created equal.
We Offer "On-Site" Warranties*
Understanding the Replication process.
Computer speed lies in the CPU!
CD-ROMS won't take up any hard drive space.
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You need to buy a DVD drive, they are faster & better than CD ROMS.
Don't worry, that computer will upgrade to a Pentium II  no problem.
You need to get this new Powerhouse
I don't want to upgrade in a year or two!
All computers can be upgraded.
pc.gif (6628 bytes) Y2K - Media Hype or Real?
How does it affect you?
Your monitor will get "burn-in"

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Introduction to Computer Misconceptions:


Disclaimer & Warranties



Join the many retail sales personnel from large companies that are now including this site as part of their training.  Some are active participants, emailing questions... while others are passively reading and studying the information contained in these pages to better serve their customers and to speak with more accuracy and intelligence about the topics covered here!

I am told the following is both very informative and somewhat boring. The goal is to dispel the common misconceptions among the masses, without boring them (or you) to death.
The beginner should learn enough to converse intelligently with the "expert" friend or relative... and the expert should learn enough to earn a few thousand more a year! Me, I get the pleasure of trying to educate others about a hobby, field, an industry, and a way of life I am lucky enough to have been a part of for over 40 years. Normally, I am kept busy with my time and money-consuming "hobby" that started in 1974, which metamorphosis into a career in 1984! I hope the knowledge and information, opinions, and suggestions will help you... and the other people you talk to and try to impart information on.


The stuff my legal counsel says I have to have in here.  Any "I's" or "Me's" in this Computer Hardware section refers to Pacific Buyer's Group and Terry E. Mercer, unless otherwise stated.  No portion of this web site, whether viewed via the Internet or a CD-ROM disc, or some other means may be reproduced, distributed or copied without the prior written permission of  Pacific Buyer's Group or Terry E. Mercer. The opinions stated herein are completely subjective and are based on the experience, training, and education Terry has gleaned during the past fourty plus years of 'messing with' computers. This information is the property of  Pacific Buyer's Group and Terry E. Mercer and is NOT affiliated with MicroMedia Publishers, Inc., CD Micro, llc.  or any other company or person, unless otherwise specifically stated.  All companies mention own license, and otherwise control the copyrights, trade names, trademarks of all products contained and/or mentioned herein.

If you don't want to build, upgrade, or repair a computer yourself...

My staff and I will gladly consult with you. At the conclusion of the consultation, we will have determined exactly which system(s) will best fit your needs and budget. This knowledge will allow you to purchase locally, or directly from us.
We aren't so bold as to state that we know everything; however, we have a combined knowledge that stretches over fifty years, each of us have above average knowledge, skills, and abilities. Furthermore, what we don't know... we know someone who does 99% of the time, and are resourceful enough and have connections which allow us to get the correct and appropriate answers 99.9% of the time.
Unfortunately, I don't have the time to talk to everyone... or answer specific questions over the phone. I prefer to get email, which I try to answer either directly or upon the pages of this site. Our consultation isn't free. Call or email us for current pricing and to set up a meeting. You can reach me at Terry's Email. We determine, from your answers to our basic questions, what you need to do, as well as what want to accomplish with computers and automation... what your budget is - money, time, education, and employees (and/or smart friends) you have available. This generally takes between 15 to 60 minutes of person to person communication, after you have filled out the basic questionnaire. At the end, we summarize, based on your answers and our knowledge, what the best paths are for you to take, as well as the negatives and positives of the two or three choices we usually recommend.


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